Elizabeth Preston

Cello + Loop

...there is something very much special in the manner by which Manchester’s Elizabeth Preston wields her cello, her clear and linear sense of songcraft illustrated with impromptu percussion and vocal yelps.
— Duncan Harman, The Skinny | full review
‘...musically, there is a huge diversity of interesting work being made [in Manchester]...such as Liz Preston’s gorgeous looped-cello folk’
— Tony Naylor, The Guardian
There is some of Bat for Lashes’ mysticism about Elizabeth Preston; her smoky Lancastrian voice hiccups playfully through animalistic lines about weaving spiders and wounded lions, and all her songs creep with the cello’s sonorous menace.
— Chris Ogden, The Skinny | full review
Liz Preston uses voice and cello to create mysterious melodic tunes that sound like the soundtrack to a fantasyland. At a recent gig in the Soup Kitchen her performance showed the loop pedal action behind the magic and she shaped her enchanting sounds on set. Think Bat for Lashes meets Kate Bush meets John Martyn with a cello…
— Simon Bland, Northern Noise | full review
Hailing originally from Blackpool, this songstress has been warmly embraced by the Manc Folk community in recent months. Not that you could pigeonhole Elizabeth Preston into the conventional folkie bracket, mind...this Lancashire lass aims for a more beguiling, off-kilter, artistic approach. Indian Sun is a hypnotic eruption of stabbing cello, haunting melody and exuberant yelps. It’s folk, but not as you’ve ever heard it
— David Sue, Manchester Metro